Invited speakers

Confirmed invited tutorial speakers (including short talks titles):

Günter Günter Allmaier, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Concepts of molecular imaging mass spectrometry: from material sciences to medicine

Luca Beverina, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy
Molecular and macromolecular lego: how to pick and join the right pieces while building conjugated materials

Fabio Biscarini, University of Modena, Italy
Implantable Organic Electronics for Treating Spinal Cord Injury

Jannette Carey, Princeton University, USA
Studies of ligand binding using surface plasmon resonance

Anna Coclite, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Functional thin films: advanced growth techniques and applications

Raffaele G. Della Valle, University of Bologna, Italy
Molecular Dynamics simulations: from bulk to surface

Roman Forker, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
Organic Epitaxial Interfaces

Yves Geerts, University Libre Brussels, Belgium
Impact of chemical structure, phases, and processing on substrate-induced phases

Hans Kleemann, Novaled, Dresden, Germany
Beyond conventional organic transistors – new approaches with improved performance and stability

Leeor Kronik, Weitzmann Institute of Science, Israel
Electronic and optical properties of organic electronic materials from first principles

Morton Madsen, Sydansk University Sonderbourg, Denmark
Organic solar cells: The role of morphology on device performance

Alberto Morgante, University of Trieste, Italy
Charge transfer processes in organic nano- and hetero-structures

Ingo Salzmann, Humboldt University Berlin, Italy
Structural investigation of thin films by scattering techniques

Daniel Sanchez-Portal, Centro de Física de Materiales, CSIC-UPV/EHU, Spain
Modeling the Electronic Properties of Interfaces and Nanostructures using Density Functional Theory

Frank Sobott, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Noncovalent interactions in protein and oligonucleotide structures: “native” mass spectrometry and ion mobility approaches

Andreas Terfort, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Syntheses of Surface (Re-)Active Compounds

Nadine Witkowski, Curie University Paris, France
Basics of electron spectroscopy

Invited lectures:

Michael Zharnikov, University Heidelberg, Germany
Surface bound ssDNA films, brushes, and nanostructures

Peter Puschnig, University Graz, Austria
Orbital tomography: a combined experimental / theoretical approach to reveal electronic structure of metal-organic interfaces

Stefan Tautz, Research Center Jülich, Germany
Imaging molecules: a journey from real to reciprocal space and back

Fabio Corsi, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, L. Sacco University of Milan Head of Breast, Unit Department of Surgery, L. Sacco Hospital
Active nanoparticle targeting: a real advance for management of cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases

Luca Floreano
Charge transfer reversibility at the rutile tio2(110) surface

Roberto Otero
Stoichiometry and electronic structure of bidimensional donor/acceptor superlattices on metal surfaces

Maurizio Canepa
Exploiting differential spectroscopic ellipsometry to investigate specific vs. aspecific bonding of bio-molecules on self-assembled monolayers